Weld QualityMark

We believe that reliability and, by extension, quality, is the result of a commitment to building products correctly. This is in turn based on a company’s willingness to work to established codes and standards, while always looking for and implementing new quality management processes to further drive value to their consumer. With this in mind the CWB has created the CWB QualityMark program. Based on our 65 years of welding oversight experience, the QualityMark program provides a range of services that allow QualityMark holders to promote their commitment to producing products that meet or exceed Canada’s rigorous, and internationally recognized, welding standards.

We also recognize that welding has changed over the 65 years and where it was once limited to structure and shipbuilding it is now everywhere, and used in some form within almost everything that touches our daily lives. Welding in all it various forms now represents one of the fundamental technologies that the modern world relies on. It is found in buildings, bridges, pipelines, railways, vehicles, appliances, bicycles and even electronics, all things we rely on everyday. Simply put – welding needs to be reliable because we all expect it to be.

Welding is also the “invisible industry” – representing a technology and associated skills that the average consumer has no easy way to gauge the quality of. The CWB QualityMark is designed to address these issues, providing the consumer with the tools and information they need to make informed purchasing decisions. If you make a product that involves welding, or you provide a welder related service the QualityMark provides you with a third party stamp of approval, allowing your customer to know that you are following or exceeding a long established Canadian standard put in place for their safety and protection.