Certification and Oversight

Conformance to welding related codes and standards and the use of CWB certified companies for structural welding is mandatory under provincial and local regulations. The National Building Code of Canada stipulates the use of CSA standards for the construction of steel structures as well as related work. These key CSA standards mandate the use of CWB certified welding companies and the qualification and testing of the welders such companies employ.

A large piece of this work is tied to a number of specific CSA standards such as W47.1, W47.2, W59, W178.1 and W178.2 which put in place the regulations that ensure welding consistency and safety within the construction industry. Beyond these construction related CSA standards, there are also industry specific CSA standards for things like the manufacturing of mobile homes, antennas and elevators that also reference CWB with respect to certification. As a result of the National Building Code and other CSA design product and safety standards, the CWB is mandated to provide the required services and oversight uniformly across Canada. This work is carried through regional offices and a dedicated field staff.

Work undertaken by CWB staff to help ensure the safety of the Canadian public includes:

  • Certification audits of companies seeking CWB certification
  • Bi-Annual auditing and re-certification of CWB certified welding companies
  • Yearly testing and qualification of welders working for certified companies
  • Training and certification of Welding Supervisors working for certified companies
  • Qualification of welding engineers
  • Qualification and acceptance of welding procedures
  • Certification of welding Inspection companies
  • Certification and testing of welding electrodes and consumables
  • Random construction site audits

Public and industry education of this work is handled through CWB’s Office of Public Safety.